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Manuel Fernández has developed his creative activity in the fashion world since 1983. In 1985 he created his brand Manuel Fernández with men’s and women’s collections, opening his own shop in Barcelona called Trazos por Manuel Fernández.

In 1992 he returned to Madrid to set up a fashion services company for film, TV, theatre and the media, including collaborations in films such as Mirada Líquida, Boca a Boca, De Qué Se Ríen Las Mujeres, and many more. In theatre he collaborated with Antonio Gala’s Los bellos durmientes, Fieles a la tentación, El Baile, and La Divina Comedia performed by La Fura del Baus. In the world of show business he dressed a large number of Spanish actresses such as Loles León, Pilar Bardem, and Pastora Vega. From 1999 to 2002 he designed all the stage costumes for the international soprano Ainhoa Arteta.

His approach to creation has been avant-garde, with touches of idealism. With a cosmopolitan attitude, he has always been committed to the internationalisation of his design, taking part in different international catwalks, with an outstanding presence at New York Fashion Week for years. He has also designed accessories such as shoes, bags, and glasses with very unique characteristics.

His designs are bold, daring, sensual, elegant and with a touch of humour.

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Fashion Art proposes a joint work between the visual artists and the fashion designer, in which the respective languages are articulated and united to create a dress that is in itself an authentic work of art, a project in constant evolution, where the fusion of Art and Fashion takes place in a surprisingly natural way for the spectator’s vision, with the artists’ work taking centre stage and using the dress as a stage support, achieving results of exceptional plastic richness and opening up new fields of research.

The Fashion Art exhibition is an ambitious project that has been carried out in collaboration with great Spanish and Latin American visual artists. Manolo Valdés, Genovés, Urculo, Eduardo Chillida and Canogar are just a few of the more than 300 artists who have participated in this initiative so far.

The social work of the Fashion Art Institute has accompanied all the exhibitions through educational workshops linking art and fashion in multiple textile supports, creating new tools for the employment of groups at risk of social exclusion.

Fashion Art in these 20 years of exhibitions has been visited by millions of people and has had a great reception in the media around the world.



Positioning in sustainability

Manuel Fernández has been committed to Sustainable Development as a Designer and Artist for 35 years. He has been an international pioneer in the implementation of the 3 dimensions of sustainability: economic, social and environmental. Faithful to this triple principle, his trajectory demonstrates that it is possible to promote the generation of wealth, while at the same time boosting people’s prosperity and fighting for respect for the environment.

His most disruptive contribution has been the materialisation of FASHION ART 20 years ago; becoming the creator of the fusion of fashion and art and the inventor of a new language. FASHION ART is the communication channel that is raising awareness of sustainability values quickly and forcefully to a citizenry that responds to social and environmental awareness through fashion and art. FASHION ART is the vehicle that will transmit to future generations the legacy of Manuel Fernández, as well as that of other artists and leaders committed to sustainable development.

This innovative way of enriching the fashion industry through integration and its sensitizing effect, brings decades of experience in the commitment to responsible fashion and art. Experience that Manuel Fernández has been able to bring to a very valuable maturity because it is able to appeal to the public; bringing multiple disciplines and cultures to the fore.

The evidence throughout his career positions Manuel Fernández as one of the great “Ambassadors of the 2030 Agenda and its 17 SDGs” as he has shown to have the concern to spread social responsibility and the differential ability to convince citizens and professionals called to change habits in their way of living and working so that our world is sustainable.


Needle of brilliance 2022
Social Commitment Award 2015 – Konecta Foundation.
Best Designer Award 2015 – Tendencias Magazine.
Suncoast Emy Awards for Best Fashion Film 2015.
Award for the best interdisciplinary exhibition Puerto Rico 2014.
Lecture series in Panama City, San Juan de Puerto Rico, Lima, Santander, El Escorial.
Ambassador FIT – New York 2015.
Air Europa Traveller of the Year.



Throughout his professional career, Manuel Fernández has contributed directly or indirectly to the 17 SDGs, with the scope of his contribution being international and very much oriented towards covering the goals linked to vulnerable groups and developing countries (the great unfinished business of governments and organisations).

He is the artist who has best known how to promote – at the same time – the 3 dimensions of sustainability.

Ocean Collection - Centro de Exposiciones Benalmádena
Flamenco Fusión - centro Cultural Baños Árabes - Jaén
20 aniversario Fashion Art - MUVIM Valencia
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20 Aniversario Fashion Art - Museo Can Márfa - Mataró
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Fashion art Paraguay Cabildo Asunción.
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Colección Lonte by Manuel Fernández.
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Fashion Art – Palacio de la Minería México DF.
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Fashion Art – Museo de la Tertulia – Cali.
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Fashion Art – Museo Nacional de Bogota.
Fashion Art – Museo De las Condes - Chile.
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Primavera - Verano 2002 - Fashion Week –New Delhi.
Otoño -Invierno 2001-02 Fashion Week - New York – Bryant Park.
Primavera - Verano 2002 – Fashion Week –New York – Bryant Park.
Otoño - Invierno 2001-02 Fashion Week - New York – Bryant Park.
Primavera - Verano 2001 – Fashion Week –New York – Bryant Park.
Otoño-Invierno 2000-01 presentación colección Punta del Este – Uruguay.
Colección Primavera-Verano 200 - Madrid.
Colección Invierno 99-00 – Madrid – Círculo de Bellas Artes.
Semana Internacional de la moda – Verano 98.
Intimoda-Barcelona – Colección Baño –Verano 98.
Novia España – Barcelona 97-98.
Invierno 96 – Madrid.
Pasarela Cibeles – Verano 95 .
Colecciones Privadas 1994-93-92.
Desfilo en Pasarela Gaudi .
Colección Hombre.
Colección Mujer.
Barcelona Diseño .
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